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Engagement ring designers are known for their creative and innovative flair when it comes to their work. The time and effort put into their craft are incredibly impressive, and the industry is full of impeccable talent. Whether its designers that have established their reputation over a long period of time, or the exciting up and coming designers who are developing every day, the engagement ring industry is full of the best designers and rings the world has seen.

Simon G, a designer born in Beirut, is known for his signature style. He combines vintage artistry and contemporary trends to create stunning engagement rings. The majority of his work is with platinum, but he also creates rings with yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, opening his collection to a variety of tastes. His name is well-known and stands out in the engagement ring community. The 18k white gold Simon G. TR473 duchess diamond engagement ring, pictured here, is an absolutely beautiful engagement ring at an incredibly affordable price, costing $1,826. The solitaire design is a classic, and just perfect for an engagement ring.

Tacori, a family business based in California but with European roots, create glorious engagement rings that are all hand-crafted. Their style is an impressive combination of old fashioned skills that cross with modern technology, creating iconic engagement rings across their collections. With 13 impressive collections to choose from each boasting their unique styles, Tacori is a well-known designer in the engagement ring community and has been for over four decades. The 18k white gold Tacori 2620RD Dantela crown solitaire engagement ring is the perfect example of Tacori rings; it’s both modern and traditional, with unconventional yet still classic touches. This halo ring is priced at $2,120; a designer ring without the huge designer price.

Ritani is another incredibly popular designer. This is a more modern designer, having opened in 1999. They have created an impressively diverse set of collections of their engagement rings, but the feature that they are well known for is the micro paving, having collections of very small diamonds set very closely together. Perfecting this technique, Ritani rings are stunningly sparkly with a very small amount of the metal of the band of the ring visible. Their 14k white gold Ritani 1RZ1320 french-set diamond engagement ring is a classic, with the micro paving detail on the band of the ring drawing the eye to the centre stone. Costing $2,980, this is one of the most expensive Ritani rings, making them both glamorous and affordable.

A.Jaffe is a heritage designer that has been designing engagement rings since 1892, creating artisan rings with an heirloom style underlined with a chic modern feel. Their rings can be fully customised so you can get the engagement ring of your dreams, whether you like contemporary cuts or more vintage styles. The 14k white gold A.Jaffe MES870 metropolitan diamond engagement ring is a stunning piece, with a solitaire style. Costing $4,080, this ring is more expensive, but still within a reasonable price range.

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