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Diamonds: Is Bigger Really Better?


When you think of diamond rings, some of you may automatically think of the size that you want for your luxury diamonds Vancouver engagement rings. However, you may want to rethink that and consider whether or not you want a big diamond ring or a high-quality diamond ring.

Now, why should you choose one or the other? Can’t you have both a huge rock that is of the highest quality? Unless you are a millionaire, we highly advise against it. When shopping for diamonds, the bigger rock doesn’t always mean the prettiest diamond.

Large carat diamonds are easy to acquire, but high-quality and large-carat diamonds are quite rare. The reason is that it is difficult to find huge diamonds that have a high-quality color, clarity, and brilliance.

Because of its size, a diamond has to be almost perfect in order to be considered high in quality. Often you will get large diamonds that are low on the color scale and more so on the clarity condition.

But is it impossible to get a diamond like that? No. It’s quite possible, but you need to find the distributors or jewelers that have the overhead to carry such diamonds in their inventory. Even then, you’d have to compete with the increasing number of millionaires on the planet to acquire pieces like that.

If you do have the budget, go for it. If not, the bigger option isn’t always the better or only option.

What’s better than bigger diamonds?

For one thing, beautiful diamonds are better than bigger diamonds. Even if you are a millionaire, we would even go so far as to suggest that you buy a smaller more beautiful diamond. Now, why is that?

The size of the diamond only accounts for a portion of the price. When buying diamond jewelry, you also need to think of the design, the setting, and most of all, the quality of the diamond.

A huge milky diamond is great as an heirloom, but not as a brand-new purchase. A regular-sized diamond with the optimum criteria is just the right choice for someone shopping for an engagement ring, a push present, or a self-reward. Still, the best diamonds, even though regular in size, can also be quite expensive due to demand and scarcity.

Luckily for you, there is only a minor difference between the quality of regular-sized diamonds as opposed to bigger ones. The highest rating for a diamond is a D rated color with Z as the lowest. D is almost clear and brilliant white, while Z is yellowish. (Not to be mistaken for the yellow diamond).

The highest rating for clarity is FL, which means flawless. With that, there is absolutely no way to see any inclusions or blemishes when magnified ten times. The lowest grade is Included, divided into three levels as well.

So which do you choose?

For those on a budget, but not too tight of a budget, you can opt for a diamond up to G color rating and VS1 (Very Slightly Included) combination. Still, you can mix and match the ratings to get the optimal diamond based on your preferred price range.

Now as for price, it depends on the sellers. The usual price of an average diamond ring is between $1000 and $5000. The bigger and more high-quality diamonds will fetch a price of at least six figures. The highest quality diamonds with an average size can be worth as much as $10000 on a good day in the stock market.

So, what will it be? Based on this information, we are more than confident that you can finally get that diamond ring that is perfect for you.